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06 Aug 2007

Driver's lot gets better

Truck driver's pay is up by more than the rate of inflation, the number working over 60 hours a week is down and fewer are the victims of crime.   The exceptions are international drivers where most have been the victims of theft or attempted theft.   These are among the many findings of Trucking magazine's fourth Michelin-sponsored Driver Power survey, which it has run every two years.   The figures still show that some 30% of truck drivers report pressure from their bosses to break the law, particularly on international work.   Overall, more drivers are paid monthly, with pay generally good, except oddly, in Wales.   Benefits are increasingly squeezed.   Drivers are also consistent in their criticism of roadside facilities, but more drivers think truck driving a good job.   The magazine will carry a full report in its next issue, including driver's views on the trucks they drive or would like to drive.   It's well worth a read.