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05 Aug 2010

Greener drivers before greener vans

With companies beginning to renew their fleets as the economy picks up, IAM Drive & Survive calls for fleet managers and business drivers to invest in eco-driver training to improve their efficiency.

Simon Elstow, IAM Drive & Survive Head of Training said: "Companies no doubt consider green credentials when buying new company cars, but they may not realise how much more efficiently their employees could be driving them.

"Simple techniques such as advanced anticipation, intelligent route planning and speed control can increase your fuel economy by 50 per cent, as well as getting you from A to B a lot quicker."

"Ecolution, our fuel-saving driver training course, has increased the MPG of one company's fleet by nearly 30 per cent: a huge saving in terms of fuel bills. Efficient driving also means reduced wear and tear on the car and a better resale value, and less frequent car replacement which is an eco-burden in itself."

Employers and individuals, mindful of their CSR and environmental responsibilities, are increasingly seeing their car as a catalyst for green change. A forthcoming IAM report Motoring Facts 2010 has found that companies are opting for more fuel efficient vehicles, with twice as many new diesel company cars as private cars being registered every year.

Mr Elstow continued: "While companies are looking into providing greener vehicles for their fleet, we advise them to do the job properly and look at how improving their business drivers' skills could also save them money and reduce their CO2 emissions."