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28 Aug 2007

SMMT wants regulation for converters

The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders wants the UK Department of Transport to tackle the issue of often dodgy conversions to vans, trucks and buses.   "If a vehicle is converted after it is registered, there is no effective control or way to ensure that it meets any safety standards," says Allan McKenzie, senior technical manager, legislation at the SMMT.   "We've repeatedly told the DfT about this and the potential for vehicle owners to undermine the upcoming vehicle approval scheme; either wilfully or in ignorance."   There are some procedures to tackle the issue, but is unclear how rigorously these are policed and enforced.   "Once again, we've  asked DfT to put robust systems in place to control post-registration conversions of all categories of vehicles BEFORE we have a serious incident involving a vehicle that has official Approval, but which is subsequently converted in an unsafe manner."