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01 Apr 2013

Used LCV Market Overview April 2013's LCV expert, David Hill, commented: "The van market remained steady through March, with prices still rising slightly. Looking forward, dealers are cautious as the retail market looks to have stopped. If you want stock you have to pay all the money for it. Anything with a bit of extra specification is in demand. The Easter holiday will slow the market down this month, but it is early in the month so it gives some working space before the next bank holiday in early May.


"Corsa and Fiesta are around in small volume and selling well, even the odd old Clio van has had plenty of interest. Berlingo and its stable mate Partner are around in volume, so buyers can pick and choose which models they want (although they must have a side-loading door). Long wheelbase models are well sought after, along with the crew van version.


"Caddy is still selling well and Transit Connect values have increased again this month by 2.5% as it continues to thrive. A Trend or Limited in a nice colour will achieve 'ready to retail' money. It's bad news this month for Doblo, which is down 5% with plenty struggling to achieve trade values. The great deals available new have scuppered used prices. Newer Combo values have been affected in the same way, although the old model Combo is still selling well.


"Scudo and the rest of that group are still in demand. Again, the better the specification, the easier it is to sell. Any small Japanese products are still going well. NV200 has still got followers, so values again remain steady.


"Short wheelbase transits on the whole are holding up well. Silver is the best colour, with some coming from councils via leasing companies. These are achieving trade values with ease. Transporter van is still selling well. Larger vans such as Sprinter are around in volume. Prices are just holding on, but if more volume comes along then prices will fall. Crafter sells ok but there is still a big gap between that and its German stable mates.


"The 4X4 market is stable. Anything that looks cheap will usually be problematic and will prove costly in the long run. With the threat of bad weather anything with 4x4 capability will remain popular. Anyone selling Land Rover product can expect big profits." provides buyers and sellers with all the vehicle price data they need: ready to retail, trade, average, retail and Cat D. As a free bonus, it also provides the annual

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