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07 Feb 2010

Van registrations low but stable, trucks sinking yet lower

  • Registrations: 13,099 in January; 219,450 for the rolling year, down 34.5%.
  • Trucks: 1,553 in January; 33,263 for the rolling year, down 40.6%.
  • Vans: 11,546 for the month; 186,187 for the rolling year, down 33.2%.

    "New van and truck registrations continue to reflect a weak economic recovery and businesses reluctant to commit to new investment," said Paul Everitt, SMMT chief executive. "These are the lowest January truck registrations since 1992, leaving most truck makers very disappointed at the slow start to the year.  It is extremely important that government uses the upcoming Budget to encourage new investment in capital goods and help re-build business confidence."