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21 Feb 2008

Victory for Euro 5 deal

Transport for London has agreed £2.00 congestion charge discounts for Euro 5 trucks.  


Starting from 27 October Euro 5 trucks will pay £6.00 a day rather than the £8.00 charge for older trucks.   The deal lasts till 1 October 2010.   At the same time, TfL says it will extend the 100% discounts for LPG and CNG powered trucks till January 2010.   Euro 5 vans get a deal too, but lasting till January 2012.   The SMMT, FTA and other people who've been lobbying for this have all welcomed the move. 


"Clearly incentives for the cleanest and latest technology make sense - they bring wider benefits than just better emissions; better brakes, less noise and greater safety, for instance," said Robin Dickeson, manager, commercial vehicle affairs for the SMMT.