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03 Dec 2010

England's first three-phase charging station to recharge electric light commercial vehicles

Elektromotive has installed England's first three-phase charging station, specially designed to recharge electric light commercial vehicles.  Located at an all-new refuelling station at the state-of-the-art bus depot in Camden, London, the new charging station will source some of its energy from the depot's rooftop solar panels.  Based on Elektromotive's Elektrobay electric vehicle recharging station - already a familiar sight at roadsides around London - the new three-phase unit can be used from today, free of charge, by users of all compatible electric vehicles.

The high-power Elektromotive three-phase charging station has an output of 400 Volts, 32Amps and 21Kwh.  Its high-intensity power output is ideal for charging the larger, heavy-duty batteries fitted to electric light commercial vehicles, which are necessary for transporting heavy loads around the city every day. 

The installation is part of an initiative by Camden council to become the first council in the UK to operate its own fleet of vehicles powered entirely by renewable energy.

Commercial vehicles are some of the biggest contributors to London's air pollution, and the installation of the high-power Elektrobay is intended to reduce CO2 emissions and fuel consumption - as well as save money - for both the council's green fleet and private individuals or businesses with compatible vehicles.

"The installation of this three-phase charging station in Camden marks the latest stage in the deployment of a fully functioning network of charging stations across the UK," commented Calvey Taylor-Haw, Managing Director of Brighton-based Elektromotive.  "The increase in electric commercial vehicles on our roads has heightened demand for the three-phase charger and Elektromotive will install further units in London and across the UK in the New Year. 

"London really is the capital city of zero emissions motoring and the Camden bus depot is the most eco-friendly of its kind in the city - it already boasts a hydrogen fuelling station -  so it was a natural decision to install the first three-phase unit in England here," continued Taylor-Haw.