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Isuzu expands Rodeo appeal

New 163 PS 3.0 litre Common Rail diesel for Rodeo Denver Max LE.


Isuzu at the show

Isuzu will be tempting visitors at this year's Caravan & Outdoor Show on 16 - 19 November 2006 with its biggest promotion ever.


Free Prodrive Performance Pack

For 2.5 litre Rodeo.


New prodrive performance pack for 2.5 litre Rodeo

Isuzu is now offering a Prodrive Performance Pack for its new 2.5 litre entry-level Rodeo Denver Max pickup.


Isuzu on the pull

Isuzu UK is putting the pulling power into pick-up trucks with its new Direct Mail piece for the Rodeo Denver.


Rodeo pickup sets economy record

A standard Isuzu Rodeo pickup has set a new fuel economy record.


Over £3,000 off award-winning Rodeo Denver

Isuzu has slashed more than £3,000 off the price of its award-winning Rodeo Denver 'lifestyle' pickup compared to the original 2004 launch price.

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