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Volvo Trucks' global deliveries increase

Volvo Trucks' global deliveries in the first quarter of 2011 were 81% higher than in the corresponding period last year, with the company showed an increase in all major markets.


CO2 free trucks from Volvo

Volvo Group says it is the first truck maker to build demonstration trucks that don't emit CO2.


80th anniversary truck launched with new safety systems

Just in time for Volvo's 80th anniversary, Volvo Trucks is unveiling an exclusive 'limited edition' jubilee version of the Volvo FH and FH16 models.


Volvo participate in global initiative on climate change

More than 85 companies and organisations around the world have recently signed a post-Kyoto framework for clean energy and climate change action.


New, cleaner, greener and more fuel efficient trucks

Gave Volvo trucks a record year in 2006.


Increased road safety with more braking functions as standard

In order to further contribute to increased road safety, Volvo Trucks will include additional safety functions as standard.


Volvo Trucks continue to grow in Eastern Europe

Volvo Trucks delivered 95,458 vehicles (94,693) in the period January - November 2006.

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