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Brown gives "green light to cleaner motoring"

The RAC welcomed the Chancellor's decision to keep fuel duty increase on ice for a further 6 months.


RAC Software Solutions at CV Show

Visitors to the RAC Software Solutions stand at this year's Commercial Vehicle show will be able to see the latest technology and improvements to the software.


Tired? Pull over and stop for a hot coffee - but not without a licence

Red tape aimed at late-night trouble spots is jeopardising road safety, according to the RAC Foundation.


Fatal Friday 13th?

Friday 13 could mean bad luck for road users with more deaths and injuries on Friday evenings than at any other time of the week.


New year's resolution to save lives in 2006

Forget about joining the gym or giving up smoking - the new guarantee to increase your life expectancy is to improve your driving.


Lazy, mean and disorganised motorists run out of fuel

Running out of fuel is one of the most common reasons for a vehicle to breakdown.